Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Maintenance Programs in Plano, TX

The skinny on weight loss.

Being overweight is a serious problem that affects your health and contributes to many common chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

We have several weight loss programs, including effective rapid weight loss for a quick “kick start” to build confidence and allow you to start exercising as you modify your lifestyle.

Our other proven programs include supplements, with or without prescription weight loss aids that help in several ways, including appetite suppression, increased energy, and increased metabolism and fat burning. We combine all these programs with nutrition education and close medical follow-up to help with support and accountability. We are willing to work with your health insurance plans as permitted.

We use a team approach that starts by determining which weight loss program best suits you based on your goals and lifestyle. We take into account any dietary or activity limitations you may have, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes any appropriate blood work and measurements. We can then follow these to monitor your progress, health and safety as you reach your weight loss goals.

We are passionate about helping you to be healthy and feel great. Come and see how we can partner with you to meet and possibly exceed your weight loss goals.

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