Age Management

Age Management Program in Plano, TX

You’re only as old as you feel—let us help you feel younger.

Although aging is a natural process, we all want to look and feel healthy and energetic and enjoy full, active and productive days. We want to be able to continue to perform physically, socially, cognitively and sexually. This is the premise of age management medicine.

We partner with you to develop a program that typically includes lifestyle modification, nutritional supplementation and hormone optimization to help meet your personal goals and expectations.

Your program starts with a comprehensive evaluation that includes blood work and other appropriate measurements that we can use to track your progress, health and safety as you meet your goals. There are many essential hormones, markers of inflammation, oxidation and other indicators of aging that can be modulated with changes in diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and hormone optimization. These markers can be followed as you continue to feel more energetic, youthful and engaged in life.

Age management is an evolving science. Our practice is excited and passionate about it, and Dr. Bates has undergone additional training and continues to pursue this evolving science. She is currently getting her Board Certification in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine in her constant pursuit to stay informed and offer optimal wellness and prevention to her patients.

We are excited to partner with you, regardless of your age or stage in life, and assist with your wellness goals.

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