Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine in Plano, Texas

Being well, inside and out.

Your health is in good hands with our training and experience in Internal Medicine. Our practice is led by Dr. Bates, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine. We provide comprehensive medical care with an emphasis on service, and we are proud to perform many on-site tests for your convenience. We can diagnose and treat unexpected, temporary illnesses and manage complex chronic problems. We strongly recommend an annual physical exam with pertinent bloodwork and other age-appropriate tests. Dr. Bates and her team follow the American Cancer Society screening guidelines and the American Heart Association recommendations for your continued health. We provide appropriate recommended immunizations, including tetanus, flu, pneumonia and shingles shots.

Although we provide many services, we have worked with patients for more than a decade and understand there are appropriate times and situations when a patient needs to be referred for evaluation or treatment. We have developed strong relationships with leading experts and are proud to recommend specialists who will deliver the same level of care and professionalism.

We look forward to partnering with you for your Internal Medicine needs.

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