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Get the toned and sculpted body you want by building muscle and burning fat with



Love Dr. Bates, have been with her since 1998! She has a great bedside manner and is very pro-active, thus this great new Wellness Center! Kudos to Dr. Bates for being patient centered.



Love Dr. Bates, have been with her since 1998! She has a great bedside manner and is very pro-active, thus this great new Wellness Center! Kudos to Dr. Bates for being patient centered.


Introducing a Gentle, Non-Surgical Body Contouring Option

It’s easy to get frustrated with a fitness routine that does nothing about stubborn fat pockets or muscles that refuse to firm up.

The reason it’s harder to shift fats in certain areas of the body is that some parts, such as the abdomen, have a higher number of fat cells that are not as responsive to lipolysis, or the fat-breakdown process. Various biological factors such as age, genetics, and hormones can also influence the way your body builds fat and stores muscle.

If you have been dealing with excess fat that would not budge with exercise, not all hope is lost. Rosemary Bates, MD provides nonsurgical body contouring in Plano, Texas. As an internist turned med spa practitioner, Dr. Bates can help you get rid of unwanted fat that can’t be fixed by hard work or commitment to a fitness routine.

Dr. Bates uses EmSculpt to carry out nonsurgical body contouring. The procedure breaks down fat and builds muscle in areas such as the chest, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. This all-new technology has been making waves in the industry for its ability to deliver noticeable and long-lasting results in less time, and without any downtime.

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Emsculpt by BTL

Losing weight and building muscle will not give you the physique you want on their own. These two keys to the body you want interact with and affect one another. Thus, a treatment which can help you in both these critical areas will give the best results faster. Emsculpt does both.

Studies show you can receive all these benefits from an Emsculpt treatment:

  • Up to a 19 per cent decrease in fat
  • Up to a 16 per cent increase in muscle mass
  • 96 per cent patient satisfaction

How it works

EmSculpt is one of the more advanced options for a body contouring treatment in Plano, TX. EmSculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to trigger thousands of muscle contractions in the areas it treats. In a single 30-minute session, you can achieve the equivalent of up to 20,000 crunches or 1,000 squats. Studies have shown that EmSculpt works 95% of the abdominal muscles compared to 35% in an average crunch exercise. It has also been hailed as a non-invasive butt lift thanks to its ability to tone and firm the buttocks without surgery. Most clients notice changes after just one treatment, and the low-risk approach means the procedure is repeatable to maximize and maintain the effects.

To learn more about EmSculpt in Plano, Texas, schedule a consultation with any of our expert providers at Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center. For a limited time, all EmSculpt consultations are free of charge






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Are you frustrated with your fitness routine?


How does EmSculpt work?

EmSculpt uses a technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) energy. This energy, when delivered to the body, can trigger rapid muscle contractions that reduce fat and improve the shape of the underlying muscles. It delivers noticeable and remarkable outcome; one 30-minute session can produce results similar to that of 20,000 crunches or 1,000 squats.

Who is a good candidate for EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is a gentle, noninvasive procedure suitable for individuals of all body types. The procedure is associated with minimal risk, and anyone can benefit from it. This Plano noninvasive body contouring treatment is also a good option for individuals deemed unfit
candidates for other body contouring procedures due to BMI restrictions.

What will my results look like?

Patients who have received the treatment reported seeing an improved muscle tone, as well as reduced fat and smoother skin contours. In general, clients love how EmSculpt helped them achieve the toned and sculpted appearance that they’ve always dreamed of.

Does EmSculpt hurt and does require downtime?

EmSculpt is completely non-invasive and only involves the use of a handheld device that your doctor or provider places over your skin. It is virtually painless, except for some light muscle soreness (as if you had worked out at the gym) that you may feel a day after the procedure. This means you can go back to your normal activities immediately after receiving the treatment.

Does it really work?

Yes! The safety and efficacy of EmSculpt were verified by seven independent, US-based clinical studies. The treatment also delivers significant results when used in conjunction with other fat reduction treatments.

What is the treatment time?

Each EmSculpt session takes 30 minutes. Dr. Bates will help you come up with a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific goals. Treatment plans usually involve a minimum of four sessions, scheduled two to three days apart.

How fast will I see results?

You will begin to feel tangible results right after your treatment. Patients usually report seeing continuous improvement throughout the course of their treatment plan. To learn more about EmSculpt in Plano, Texas, schedule your free consultation at Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Contact us today at (972) 519-1600.


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