What is BBL?

Q. When you think of youthful skin, what do you think of?

A. Youthful skin is most often described as being bright and light reflective; with an even tone and smooth texture. Baby skin

Aging skin, however, is characterized by brown spots, dullness, textural changes (like lines and wrinkles), and uneven coloring. This is all due to years of exposure to UV rays, pollution and how you are genetically programmed to age.

Aging Skin

By now, you probably heard of terms like “photofacial“, IPL and BBL. Maybe you aren’t quite sure what they mean or what the difference is between IPL and BBL so we are here to answer those questions for you!


BBL tx

This stands for Intense Pulse Light. It’s often also referred to as “photofacial”.

This stands for BroadBand Light.

BBL treatment

BBL is an enhanced version of IPL that allows us to create safer, more effective treatments with less social downtime. It is a safe, FDA-cleared treatment for correction of skin conditions like photo-aging, sun damage and vascular conditions like rosacea.

So why choose BBL over IPL?

The cutting edge technology brought to you by BroadBand Light Therapy is currently ahead of the game when it comes to skin rejuvenation. The BBL machine is equipped with advanced cooling features, allowing the use of high-powered energy with minimal discomfort. Forever Young BBL treatment is fast – sessions usually take around 30 minutes – comes with zero or minimal social downtime and provides long-lasting results. BBL is effective on any area of the body but most commonly used on the face, neck, chest and hands. (3 to 5 initial treatments are typically recommended)

Forever Young BBL will not only improve brown pigmentation, flushing and redness but many of our patients comment on the improvement they see in their pores and skin’s brightness and luminosity.

At Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center, we use Sciton’s BBL because, simply put, it is the best light-based treatment out there.


Stanford Study

This Stanford Study on BroadBand Light proves BBL treatments can change the expression of genes associated with aging and longevity to more closely resemble young skin’s genetic esxpression. It’s the closest thing we have to a “Benjamin Button” treatment and more advantages to BBL treatments are being discovered every day! It’s very exciting!

Our Senior Laser Practitioner, Michelle Palcic, has worked with the Sciton technology for over 5 years and worked closely with the company to help establish treatment protocols for various Sciton platform applications.

She has participated in multiple preceptorships over the past three years under the direction of world renowned dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter to learn his Forever Young BBL techniques and pearls!

At Dr. Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center you get the best technology, the best practitioners and THE BEST RESULTS. Our goal is to take GREAT care of you!

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BBL Face Brown and Red

BBL hands

BBL chest

BBL face Bright

BBL nose