Jerod Richards, M.D.

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Hi there! I’m Jerod, a board-certified Family Medicine Physician. I studied medicine at St. George’s University and completed my residency at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, one of the busiest hospitals in Southern California. After gaining a few years of valuable experience I relocated to North Texas to go into private practice. I lived in Texas as a child and knew this was where I wanted to raise my own family someday! As a physician I am dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare to all of my patients. I am passionate about preventative medicine and patient education. I have been widely trained and have the ability to offer a broad scope of services and expertise to help empower my patients toward better health. I’m committed to building lasting, trustworthy relationships with each patient as I help them navigate their healthcare needs throughout their lifetime. When patients finish an appointment with me, I hope they walk away feeling that I was not only thorough, but compassionate!

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